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VAT can be a complicated duty which leads many companies to either under or over pay VAT.

Considering a VAT review, or simply ensuring your VAT and VAT Returns are correctly filed is a major concern for many UK businesses. This tax can impose significant direct costs on a business, and the volume of work required to manage your VAT systems is increasing every year.

We meet this challenge head on, seeking to minimise this cost and maximise VAT recoveries whilst ensuring HM Customs and Excise compliance.

We provide the following cost effective VAT services:


  • Registration and Deregistration
  • Advice on keeping records
  • Compliance and related issues
  • Supporting you through HM Customs and Excise visits
  • Mitigation of VAT liabilities and penalties
  • VAT Investigations

Rates and Thresholds 2017 and 2018

                           FY 2018                  FY 2017

Standard Rate                                              20%                        20%

Fraction                                                          1/6                          1/6

Registration annual turnover              85,000                   85,000

De-Registration -annual turnover      83,000                   83,000

Cash Accounting turnover limit       1,350.000              1,350.000

Annual Accounting turnover limit   1,350.000             1,350.000