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HMRC announce they no longer issue SA302s

25th October 2017

HMRC announce they no longer issue SA302's news article

Since 4th September 2017 HMRC are no longer issuing paper SA302s directly to agents. SA302s are documents confirming how much tax a person has paid on their earnings, in a given period, once they have filed a tax return.

Before this date agents would have to ring HMRC and request SA302s, which could take up to 2 weeks to come.

Many agents request SA302s, as their client’s lender who will not accept self-serve copies printed from their HMRC online account or commercial software needs them. The case may also be the commercial software does not print. Often many lenders consider SA302s to be the best proof of earnings.

HMRC have been liaising with The Council of Mortgage Lenders and their members to work around their needs and make necessary changes so the lenders will accept self-served copies. A list of the lenders who accept the self-serve copies has been published. HMRC have also been liaising with commercial software companies to ensure their software facilitates printing.